SWISS BRANCH : Brand new team's Introduction

05 November 2019 Association
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After 4 years leading the Swiss branch of MBS Alumni, Jean-Christophe Guillemot and his team (we thank them for every actions undertaken) hand over to a brand new team :

2016  Master Graduate – Branch Leader

Clémence VIVARES | 2015 Master Graduate – Member of the board

Daphné DUSSOLIET-GOND | 2014 Master Graduate – Member of the board

Jean-Thomas PARENT | 2016  Master Graduate – Member of the board


Contact the team right now :


Thomas’ introduction :

" Thomas started at MBS in 2012. After one college exchange year in Sweden where he enjoyed the Scandinavian atmosfer, he chose Switzerland to take his year off. He worked at Eurex, an audit firm, and he did his last internship at EY.

2016 MBS graduate, he stayed in Geneva and started his career at EY as a financial auditor. Then he joined Navitrans SA as a Financial Controller. Recently, he connected with Total as a Trading Controller.

Solid member of the Swiss and Genevan Alumni Network, Thomas participates actively at the afterworks of the branch since he arrived in 2015. Surrounding with a dedicated team, he is proud and happy to take the lead of the swiss alumni branch.”


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