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Round-Tables : 11-12.30 am

C4 - Entrepreneurship: daring to take the jump

From the idea that takes shape to the first bricks, what questions should you ask yourself, what mistakes should you avoid, how do you dare to "leave everything" and go for the management of your start-up? 3 experts in entrepreneurship will guide you in your reflections.

B3 - Asian Dream : Culture, Jobs, Expectations

Asia includes 51 countries. From k-pop culture to the immensity of continental states like India, China, South Korea, Thailand, or Singapore... Get to know the pros and cons, opport

A4- Tapping into your potential: getting to know yourself better and interacting with others

Getting your degree is good, finding the job that makes you wake up with a smile is better! If you want to know yourself better and are wondering about your professional future, your specialization or your future internship, this round table is for you. If you want to find your professional path and develop professionally, join us and discover the possibilities after MBS.

C3 - Career in Europe

Are we better paid in our neighbouring countries of the European Union? What kind of jobs are available in the EU? Considering an international career while enjoying the benefits of the European Union seems to be a good option. Read about graduates who have chosen to work in the Netherlands or Switzerland.

C2 - Investing VS. managing investments: wealth management, finance and business

Want to invest or manage investments for a company? Capital, investment, accounting... From personal savings to corporate finance, get the best insights into how to grow the value and capital of a company and how to manage your personal finances in this uncompromising talk.

Amphi Plat - Marketing trends: Digital and Communication

Yes ! Sometimes you know where you go, and sometimes you might be lost. Beyond job-related skills, crafting path requires effective communication and other soft skills, professional relationships and networks, and a vision.

A mentor can help early career professionals develop some of these extra-role skills and build key relationships; More than a friend, a colleague, a mentor will help to find your purpose.

Petit Amphi - Recruiters' secrets and techniques: everything you need to know in 2023

Preparing your CV well is not enough. It's time to put all the chances on your side and master the recruiters' codes. Join this talk if you want to stand out in a recruitment process, get noticed, catch a recruiter's eye or negotiate your salary for your dream job. Recruitment will hold no secrets for you.

B1 - The rise of Fintech careers

Discover the power of AI, ChartGPT, Machine learning or Cybersecurity and how all of these innovations solutions are relied to the fintech. If you’re interested in one of this topic and you want to ensure a top debut after MBS, join this talk and consider a fintech career.

C1 - Product development: the role of product Manager/Owner

At the crossroads between marketing, product development and innovation, would you like to bring your creativity and proposals to the company as soon as you get out of school? Find out how product development can make you a strategic asset in your next role.

B5 - Tech Sales: discover the different positions in sales

What skills you are expected to have after graduation, specifically in sectors and industries undergoing rapid transformation. 2 graduates who are experts in change will give you the tools to help you integrate sectors that are attempting their revolution.

C5 - Brand building : from a supply chain to ecommerce (i.e retail brand)

Hack and nail brand creation in this unique talk. It can be wrong to think about building a brand only through social media. To think a brand from the bottom to the kick-off involve a clear vision about the process From the thought to the expression of the brand to drive sales, this means having a very clear vision of each step of the brand creation process. 

Skills learnt at MBS to face with Business transformation : challenges & opportunities

What skills you are expected to have after graduation, specifically in sectors and industries undergoing rapid transformation. 2 graduates who are experts in change will give you the tools to help you integrate sectors that are attempting their revolution.

C6 - Build and maintain your network in France and in the world thanks to the antennas and the alumni clubs

With over 30 branches and 6 job clubs, meet the graduates who run the network to help you connect with graduates from around the world. From New York to Sydney, find out how to use the spots in your international network.

14.15 - 15.45 pm

B5 - How to use my MBS ALUMNI network through Mentoring

It is one of the most powerful tools to discover your network but also to benefit from contacts of other graduates.  Step 1 to activate your alumni network: get in touch with a graduate of the school. In this talk, you will discover how you can establish a consultative relationship with an alumnus of the school and develop your network.

C1 - Creating and boosting your business: the basics

Simple, basic? Yes, starting a business is not easy and neither is growing it. You have an original idea and need to structure your project? The important thing is not to be the first but to be the best at bringing the most value to your target. Go back to the basics of business creation with entrepreneurship experts who have asked themselves the same questions as you.

C5 - Data et Digital Transformation

Data is an essential component to make a difference and lead the company in its digital transformation. In this talk, you will understand how these graduates stay ahead in the professional world. Experts to guide you.

Petit Amphi - How to succeed in the US : Learn from 5 Top Executives

Learn more about international graduates who have gone to work in Uncle Sam's country. We often take our cues from the United States in terms of freedom and agility at work. A strong culture of competition, but a culture of failure that also allows us to grow and to always look ahead. As for the French vision, it is common to think that the work habits are older and smoother. Enroll in this talk and get the most of both world?

C4 - The ultimate post-MBS guide

Where to start? Where to apply? Planning your career? Choosing a sandwich course, a gap year or an international experience? So many subjects to discuss with students

C3 - The job of the Management Controller

It's not just about numbers! Find out all about the job of the management controller.

A2 - The manager's journey: theory vs. practice

Group projects are often a taste of working together. And if you want to become a manager, you know that the skills required are not innate. After MBS, you can expect to lead a team or a project. And for that, you will need to equip yourself as much in terms of interpersonal skills in practice as you did in school. Meet the graduates who have been able to combine practice and theory in management.

B1 - Best Practice for Business Developers

Business Developer means developing agility, a network, having a challenging job, and working on a rapid evolution in your career. Business Developer is one of the leading professions on leaving business school. Enter the job market. So many assets to discover with the best business developers of the Alumni network. (Customer experience and agility in Business Development)

RSE : Enjeux futurs de la mobilité

Avion, Voitures, Transports en commun, comment répondre aux enjeux climatiques et de mobilité croissante. Digital, Industrie automobile, Gestion de projet RSE… Panamora d’un sujet de société plein d’espoirs et d’opportunités métiers.

Le Monde du Sport (Management, Entrepreneuriat, Reconversion et Investissements)

Le marché du sport devrait atteindre 599,9 milliards de dollars d'ici 2025, et 826,0 milliards de dollars d'ici 2030. La croissance au cours de la période historique résulte de l'urbanisation rapide, de la croissance des économies émergentes et de l'émergence de multiples canaux pour capter l'audience. Le potentiel de ce secteur est infini et passionnant, rencontrez ceux qui ont fait MBS et qui vivent de leur passion du sport.

Amphi Plat - Upgrade your international career with the « V.I.E. »

THE V.I.E means having a secure job abroad for 6 to 24 months with a company or French administration. The easiest way to catch a job beyond France. Whatever your background, if you are aged between 18 and 28, French or citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA), then V.I.E or V.I.A must be for you !


C6 - Be an actor in the ecological transition

It is possible to make a difference and get involved through your professional choices. Changing the world is also a matter of choosing to join a company or another, to get involved and to carry out visions at your level. Whether you are a student, a young graduate or a more experienced person, you can contribute to the future of our planet at any time. Find out in concrete terms how these graduates are committed to their jobs on a daily basis.