Lady Angelica, 2021 MBS graduate "The solidarity of the MBS Alumni community turned my future around"

27 October 2021 Association
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Lady Angelica is what we call an autodidact (self-taught) and a fighter. She was one of the four winners of the Alumni Scholarship, a grant entirely financed by MBS graduates. 19, 000€ was raised to help four students in financial need to become graduates in their turn.

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Having left her native country, Peru, more than three years ago, Lady Angelica decided to take up the challenge of studying abroad. "After earning my Bachelor's degree in Lima, I sat the international competitive exams to enter the second year of the Grande Ecole Program (PGE) at Montpellier Business School. I was attracted to the school because there's a bit of Peru here - the sea and the sun. I wanted to make new friends and learn to speak French," explained Lady Angelica. From that moment on, a bright new path awaited this ambitious young woman.

"The end of my time at MBS was compromised by the Covid-19 crisis"

The former tennis player was counting on a work-study in her final year to perfect her skills in communication and marketing. But she didn't expect the Covid-19 crisis, which interfered with her plans. Because she's over 25 she no longer qualified for government subsidies and allowances as they are only granted to people under that age.

The student searched in vain for a work-study contract, so she made the courageous decision to go freelance and work on community management projects. The young Peruvian wanted to finance her final year on her own, but her work barely allowed her "fill her fridge", and she didn’t earn enough to pay her tuition fees. 

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"Graduates helped changed the course of my life".

“I had tried everything," she explained. "Self-employment, odd jobs, my retired father even helped me and continued to work in his mining company. But his company had to close because of COVID." This was a double blow for Lady Angelica. Contracts weren’t being offered to students and the devaluation of the Peruvian currency, which was aggravated by the crisis, meant that half of her father's pension was not enough to cover her living expenses in France. "I was at a dead end and at the point of giving up," she confessed.

The student took courage in both hands and asked for assistance from the school and the MBS Foundation. Because of her excellent academic performance, her determination, and the efforts she had taken, she obtained a full scholarship financed by the MBS Alumni community. The solidarity of the network makes it possible to raise the necessary funds. More than simply providing financial aid, the school, through a special Covid-19 crisis unit, helped and supported Lady Angelica in the pursuit of her academic and professional goals. 

The MBS Alumni Scholarship Fund 

"I’ve done it. I've graduated and I have plans for the future".

Now Lady Angelica is a 2021 graduate of MBS's PGE program. Her appreciation of the graduate network and her positivity mean that she can look forward to the future, and the path seems clear. Self-taught, determined, and ambitious, she envisions creating a business around food education. "I have a business creation project in mind. I see the unhealthy eating habits of people in my surroundings every day. I want to use my culture and the health benefits of food from my country to help people eat well.

That's what it takes to promote the benefits of a good Peruvian Ceviche. We wish Lady Angelica good luck and a great future.


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