Mentoring, for what?

To help students who want to learn and receive advice from their elders who were once in their shoes.

For alumni who want to guide and advise future MBS graduates at the start of their careers.

Over 20,000 graduates who can share the diversity of their backgrounds representing a multitude of professions, sectors, industries and more.



"I had the pleasure of being in contact with Sheng LUO - a student at MBS - as a mentor in the MBS 2022 mentoring programme. I enjoyed the opportunity to feel like I was contributing a little bit to Sheng's vision and future through her decisions and career choices. The programme is not too demanding for our tight schedules, although it brings a lot of personal value to the mentor and mentee. I would be more than happy to help other students in the near future!" Jérémie LORRAIN - Bachelor 2013 graduate