The 1st MBS ALUMNI GALA a success: 210 graduates return to Montpellier to celebrate the network

21 November 2023 Association
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An evening of nostalgia and celebration brought together over 210 participants at the MBS Alumni 2023 Gala.

Under the stars of the Domaine des Grands Chais, the event was much more than just a reunion. It was a plunge into the vibrant history of our network, a celebration of successes past and present.

The highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony, where inspiring alumni were honored for their exceptional careers. Emotions were palpable as each winner shared their journey, reminding everyone that success is woven into the DNA of our community.

Nearly 10,000 euros raised for MBS students.

The exclusive sale added a touch of excitement, with exclusive lots recalling memorable moments in our collective history. Each bid was much more than an act of purchase, but a contribution to the Alumni Bursary, raising nearly €10,000 to support students in financial difficulty.

Generosity continues with the Alumni Scholarship donation campaign. Every euro donated was another step towards the education and future of young talent.

Beyond the numbers, the evening was filled with laughter, reunion and solidarity. It was a testament to the unwavering spirit of our school's network, ready to inspire, support and build the future together.

The MBS Alumni 2023 Gala will remain etched in our memories as an evening where past and present met in a harmonious dance, hinting at an even brighter future for our exceptional community.

Beyond the laughter shared and memories revived at the MBS Alumni 2023 Gala, a history of solidarity continues to be written.

Every donation to the Alumni Bursary shapes a chapter of future Alumni generations, offering students in financial difficulty the chance to realize their academic dreams. Every euro is a stone added to the solid foundation of our collective commitment to education and inclusion.

Together, let's continue this story of generosity and sharing, because every contribution counts in creating a legacy of opportunity for generations to come.

They supported and accompanied the evening

  • Montpellier Business School (MBS): As the founding school of our network, MBS embodies the spirit of the evening, sharing the values of excellence, inclusion and networking. Its commitment to shaping responsible leaders is echoed in this annual celebration.

  • Domaine Coste Moynier (Arnaud Moynier, MBA 2004): A prestigious partner, Domaine Coste Moynier brings a touch of elegance to the evening. Guided by innovation and a passion for wine, their support reflects the constant quest for excellence shared by alumni.

  • Les Vignerons de la Vicomté (Maxime Des Longchamps, General Manager, MBA 2024): As a local player, Les Vignerons de la Vicomté exemplifies commitment to the community. Their presence highlights the value of terroirs and traditions, strengthening the links between the evening and the region.

  • Asics EMEA (Samih Khalef, Country Director France, MBS 1998): Representing ASICS EMEA, Samih Khalef embodies the fusion of a successful professional career and Alumni ties. Their involvement reflects a commitment to excellence, performance and team spirit, values that resonate with the essence of the MBS Alumni Gala.

  • L'Agence de Comm (Simon Perrot, MBS 2007): By collaborating with L'Agence de Comm, represented by Simon Perrot, MBS 2007, the evening gains a strategic and creative dimension. Their expertise in event planning reinforced the impact of the event, underlining the importance of dynamic collaboration in the success of exceptional projects.

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