5 years of Solidarity: 20 winners and 86,000 euros raised for MBS students

14 February 2024 Association
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On January 30, the MBS Foundation held its 16th Scholarship Award Ceremony at the Midi Libre headquarters.

Since 2007, Montpellier Business School has distributed over 16 million euros to promote inclusion, supporting 20 students in five years thanks to the generous contribution of the school's graduates. In 2024, at the 16th MBS Scholarship Ceremony, five alumni scholarships were awarded, testifying to the ongoing commitment of the MBS community.

With 145 alumni donors involved, a Charity Gala renewed for autumn 2024 and network branches mobilized through initiatives such as the Tombola Solidaire and global charity events, our impact is becoming a reality.

The determination of Sosso, Awa, Latifa, Hiba & Nesrine is the fruit of your generosity.

5 years, 1 commitment to our school's students and future graduates

This year's event was particularly significant, highlighting MBS's ongoing commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity.

Since 2007, the Foundation has distributed over 16 million euros in financial aid with the aim of breaking down the social barriers of the Grandes Ecoles, an objective central to its mission.

Pierre-Olivier Navarro, Secretary of the MBS ALUMNI Association, presented 5 scholarships to students at the event, reaffirming the network's determination and virtuous necessity to transmit values of solidarity, mutual aid, generosity and support to new generations.

Breaking down social barriers thanks to a Grande Ecole network

The MBS ALUMNI network plays an essential role alongside the school in promoting equal opportunities. By supporting 20 students over the past 5 years, these Alumni grants have raised over 86,000 euros.

The Alumni network is actively committed to breaking down social barriers by facilitating access to higher education and contributing to the success of future MBS graduates.

The ceremony honored twenty-seven new laureates, testifying to the ongoing efforts to support access to education for all.

Among the winners, Sosso Dabo, Awa Diop, Latifa Himiche, Hiba Rachek and Nesrine Dnidane received Alumni scholarships, bringing the total number of students supported by the MBS ALUMNI network over the past four years to twenty. Their determination to succeed despite the obstacles encountered along the way testifies to the importance of such initiatives in creating equitable opportunities for all deserving students.

Through these gestures of solidarity, the MBS community demonstrates its desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of students. By appealing to everyone's generosity and commitment, we can continue to build an environment where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Join us in this noble mission by making a donation today and getting actively involved in our network.

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