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Executive Coaching - MBTI ASSESSMENT Solution

Who can benefit from the MBTI Assessment?

Any active person, in particular :

  • senior profiles
  • entrepreneurs
  • managers and supervisors
  • teams and groups

What are the objectives of the MBTI Assessment?

The MBTI is a self-diagnostic questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung's theory of psychological types easy to understand and use in everyday life.

The MBTI results identify the differences between people, which can be the cause of many misunderstandings.
Your answers will help you identify your talents, your natural strengths and the ideal areas for development.
They will also help you appreciate people who are different from you.

A good understanding of your MBTI type will enable you to assert yourself and develop your cooperation with those around you.

After more than 50 years of research and development, the MBTI has become the most widely used tool for understanding personality differences.
differences. It is used for a variety of purposes, including

- better self-understanding and personal development
- career development and management
- organizational development
- management and leadership training
- problem-solving
- learning and development
- diversity and multicultural awareness training

How is the MBTI Assessment carried out?

  • In person or by videoconference
  • Online questionnaire
  • Personal Impact Report analysis session
  • (PIR) duration 2h
  • Handover of report
  • Resource materials provided (booklets)

from Sunday 1st May
to Saturday 31st December 2022
Registration deadline : 31st December

Registration closed
Nicolas CAISSO (PGE, 2006)

Nicolas has been a professional coach since 2012. He has over 15 years' experience as a negotiator and business consultant in the financial and commodities trading sectors. He has lived in France, Switzerland, Australia and Portugal. These experiences over more than twenty years have given him a thirst for curiosity and the discovery of new horizons.

Convinced of the power of coaching as a management tool, and of its concrete application leading to objectives through action, as an executive coach he accompanies employees, company executives, managers and entrepreneurs to help them make the best use of their resources to achieve their objectives and overcome their own "saboteurs".

A multi-talented entrepreneur, he has worked internationally and managed numerous clients from various countries in financial services, industry and oil companies. He is convinced of the potential of individuals in the organization of companies. He is passionate about board sports and surfing in particular.

Master's degree in Competency Management from MBS. Bachelor of International Business from Trobe University, Melbourne. IDC Geneva coach, ACC International Coach Federation certified. Certified MBTI practitioner.

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from Sunday 1st May
to Saturday 31st December 2022
Registration deadline : 31st December

Registration closed
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